The Team

Woodwynd Equestrian is operated by a couple of people and a few horses.

Carolyn Wilkinson

John Devison

Favory Serena 19 – Purebred Lippizan stallion. He is named for his Sire and Dam (traditional with all Lipizzan stallions). Serena was born at Piber in Austria, the royal stud farm for the Spanish Riding School in Vienna Austria.

Sage Boken – Quarterhorse gelding. His name means “Saw Horse” in German. We didn’t know his real name; he was something of an orphan from a ranch out west. He seems to have some western cutting and barrel racing skills, though that’s not how we ride him now.

Ross Breiten – Thoroughbred gelding. His name means “Horse Latitudes” in German. He was retired off the race track but later abandoned after what appears to have been some fairly cruel treatment.

Sage and Ross have German names so Serena can pronounce them.